My holistic work

Have you ever noticed that your heart beats faster or your knees get weak when you are excited? This example shows how strong the body is influenced by the psyche. However, our emotional perception also depends on our body. A lack of nutrients may influence our emotional state negatively. Also, our way of thinking effects our emotions. Our belief system can also influence our feelings. As well, we should not forget our energy levels are just like our meridian system: if we experience blockages, this may also affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. Many mental health problems are closely related to physical, mental, and energy aspects. For example, some people feel burned out. They experience a huge loss of energy. Coping with everyday life becomes a big struggle. Often they feel quite depressed, too. This situation may have genetic causes. A lack of nutrients or a hormonal imbalance can also play an important role in the cause of these symptoms. However, the emotions are also playing a part in this situation.

But what happens if somebody experiences severe problems at his workplace, someting like mobbing? What does that do to his body, mind and psyche? It can do a lot! It is well known that  the „lifeworld“ of a human also has a big influence on him. A „lifeworld“ includes many aspects  just like social relationships, work- or living environment.

My offer to you includes support at all levels. If you dont want a combination of both, each service can also be provided seperately. For details, check out the other pages of my website.