About me

My name is Katja Majowski. I am a naturopathic practitioner and social worker. For many years I have supported people with different types of problems.
My work is based on resource-oriented, appreciative thinking and acting. It is important for me to take an holistic approach to my clients and patients and meet their individual needs. In my professional career I have attended many trainings. Therefore I am able to work with many different therapeutic methods. In the future it is also important to me to expand my professional knowledge through regular further training. Through the years of professional experience as a social worker and self employed counselor I look back on many years of experience in working with adults, children and adolescents, families, couples and people with mental disorders.

As a professional systemic counselor I have a holistic approach. So the alternative medicine is a good addition to my long term experince in social work and couseling. In my practise I specialized in the subject of „Neurostress“ as well its causes and symtoms such as psychological problems, exhaustion, immune deficiencies and intestinal problems. A specialisation in this area represents a good addition to psychotherapy and rounds up my holistic concept


My professions include:

  • Naturopathic practitioner
  • Graduate social worker
  • Child and youth-care worker
  • Systemic counselor

Other developments:

couples and marriage therapy and counseling, MBSR- mindfulness training, hypnotherapy, narrative therapy, stress management, Hakomitherapy, kinesiology transpersonal psychology, hypnosystemic grieving counseling, stress-management, therapeutic hypnosystemic magic, hypnotherapy for psychosomatic issues and pain-reduction, burn out and fatigue and orthomolecular therapy, holistic systemic hormone therapy, holistic therapy of the thyroid and the adrenals, ADHD, food intolerances, gut problems, allergy therapy, neuro-stress, micro nutrition-therapy, regular attendance at professional meetings and supervision, etc.