Practice for
holistic systemic psychotherapy
and naturopatic medicine
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Do you feel stressed, tired, and burned out? Overwhelmed by life?
Do you feel a lack of power and strength to get through your daily life successfully?
Do you often feel nervous or do you have trouble sleeping?
Are you hypersensitive to stimuli and moods?
Do you experience an intense emotional life?
Do you have allergies or are you often sick?
Do you experience anxiety issues or depressive moods?
Is it sometimes difficult for you to set boundaries?
Do you have the feeling that things should change in your life?

If you experience some of these issues, you might be right for my private Naturopathic and Psychotherapy practice. I offer support in different life situations and crises. I work holisticly. In my practice, I combine psychotherapy and a natural regulation of the body. If you dont want a combination of both, each service can be provided seperately.

My practice is located in a quiet neighborhood. You can reach it by car and public transportation. Parking is available in front of my practice.

For more information about my offer, please feel free to check out the other pages of my site as well as my blog articles.


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