In a difficult situation sometimes a brief conversation with a friend helps you to feel better. However, there are situations where you realize that this is not enough. Then it makes sense that you consult a professional. In my practice, you benefit from my expertise in psychosocial counseling working with adults, children and adolescents, families and couples
I offer a wide range of methods, of different therapeutic disiplines. The goal is to help you to change your personal situation in a positive way.

Systemic work
Systemic counsellors are trying to assist clients to find new perspectives and alternatives to their problems and concerns. This counseling method is based on solution-focused thinking. A systemic core believe is that every person bears certain inner potentials and resources within themselves. However, they are sometimes not accessible to the individual. Systemic counsellors are trying to support people to rediscover these resources. They use certain interview techniques or creative methods such as genogram work and family sculpturing. They think that a problem has a certain purpose in a system such as the family or other relationship.
Examples of other procedures are: Imagination work,  The work of inner child healing, working with symbols, methods of hypnotherapy, mindfulness exercises.

Couple therapy

In couple therapy my goal is to assist clients finding new perspectives or alternative ways to handle whatever situation they present.  In these sometimes conflicting sessions, I take a neutral stance and pay attention that my clients treat each other respectfully.

Specific goals can be:
– Development of new patterns of communication
– Development of a deeper level of understanding the problem
– Decision making in case of a possible separation among couples
– Establish a new form of positive contact
– Go back to another new
– To move a step forward
– To perceive individual needs